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"The Figure: In Paint and Line" at Steele Gallery

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The Figure: In Paint and Line

A selection of works from Koplin Del Rio and Prographica galleries

The Figure: In Paint and Line, is a group exhibition of paintings and drawings exploring the human figure, as portrayed through the lenses of eight artists. The exhibition aims to offer various points of view — conceptually, technically and aesthetically — woven together in the thematic framework of the portrayal of the human figure.

The show acts as a survey of personal vantage points, processes and constructions where the viewer is invited to explore and appreciate both traditional technique and the unknowable essence of personal conception, as illustrated by the participating artists. The exhibition includes works in pencil, silverpoint, oil, and acrylic from artists Kenny Harris, Ira Korman, Judy Nimtz, Robert Schultz, Anne Petty, Ann Gale, Kathy Liao and Jordan Wolfson. The exhibiting artists have chosen to study traditional techniques extensively, and make central to the foundation of their work the basic principles of linear perspective, layering of pigments, and sculptural processes that are hallmarks of the Western art tradition.

Opening Reception: September 7, 6-8 P.M.

Exhibition runs September 7 to September 30.

Steele Gallery at Gage Academy, 1501 10th Ave E #101, Seattle, WA 98102