"I'm Home / 我回來了 / ただいま": an announcement of one's return, a declaration of one's presence in the house. In Japanese culture, ただいま/tadaima “I've returned” is often met with the phrase おかえりなさい/okairinasai, “welcome back”. A home is not complete without that exchange - the acknowledgement that my presence is welcomed and embraced by others who share my home.

Coming home, I enjoy the sense of familiarity to everything around me - all the little things that remind me I belong here. This include the presence of family I've grown accustomed to around the house - family members going about their daily routine, watching TV, on the computer, doing laundry, cooking... Even when they are no longer there, their presence lingers and I know I'm home.  Compiled from photographs and recent memories, the paintings and drawings were an attempt to record and preserve those presences in those familiar spaces.